Community Guidelines for ClassDojo Messaging

Messaging on ClassDojo gives you an easy way to connect with others in your school community. This is a positive place to support your child’s learning—kindness and respect are key! If you see content or behavior that goes against our community guidelines, please report it to our moderation team. 


When messaging other families, please:

Keep things friendly. Treat others with respect, and steer clear of language that’s hateful, hurtful, or offensive. 

Support each other. We’re here to lift each other up. Harassment, bullying, and gossip are off-limits.

Assume the best. There’s more than one side to any story. If you hear about an incident at school, please check in with your child’s teacher before going directly to another family.  

Keep it G-rated. This is a welcoming space for people of all ages, so please avoid nudity or sexually suggestive content. Anything you share should be SFS (safe for school!). 

Stay safe. Please avoid threats of harm to yourself or others. If you or someone you know needs help, reach out to a professional or a trusted person in your life.

Be yourself. Make-believe is marvelous on the playground, but pretending to be someone else in a message isn't ok. Be genuine and let your true self shine!

Share substance, not spam. Please refrain from sending repetitive messages, soliciting, or advertising. Sharing your favorite Spam recipe is encouraged!

Be law-abiding. It probably goes without saying, but don’t use this platform to organize or engage in illegal activity. 


10 ways to get the most out of messaging:

Plan a playdate. No more crumpled scraps of paper with phone numbers you can’t read. Connect directly with other families to nurture your kids’ friendships.

Expedite an invite. Share a party invitation with your child’s whole class—without going through their teacher.

Coordinate a carpool. Get a break from the daily drive. Setting up a carpool is as easy as sending a quick message.

Group up. Create a group for all the class families or form a moms group, dads group, neighborhood carpool group, bake sale group, and more!

Mobilize a meetup. Let other families know you’ll be at the park at 10 on Saturday morning.

Amplify an activity. Spread the word about a kid-friendly concert, a basketball game, or a book fair that other families might enjoy.

Ask a question. Get advice on homework help, the best footwear for an upcoming field trip, or healthy snacks kids will actually eat.

Treat their teacher. Get together with other families to plan a gift for teachers or staff members.

Smooth out school events. Always know who’s bringing the brownies to the bake sale and who’s got carrot cake covered.

Get to know your neighbors. Starting a group chat with nearby families lets you collab on block parties, yard sales, and more—or ask if anyone has a ladder you can borrow.


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