How to Cancel your Dojo Tutor Weekly Subscription

Cancelling your Dojo Tutor weekly subscription is an easy process designed with your convenience in mind. Here are the 4 quick steps to complete the cancellation:


  1. Log in to Dojo Tutor at 
  2. Click the drop-down menu found in the upper right corner of your account, then select 'Manage Subscription' 
  3. Click the gear icon and select 'Cancel Subscription'
  4. Select your cancelation reason and click 'Continue'

And that's it! Your weekly subscription has been cancelled. You will be prompted if you have an upcoming class. You have the option to attend or cancel the class. 

A step by step guide for cancelling a single class is available HERE for you. 

Don't forget to check your email as we've sent you a cancellation confirmation notice. 

While we're sad to see you go, we sincerely hope you found value from your time with us. Should you ever decide to join us again, simply log back in to your Dojo Tutor online account and book a new class. 


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