What happens when a learner account becomes inactive?

Learners are considered "inactive" when all of the following are true:

  • Neither the learner nor the learner’s parent/guardian(s) have logged into their account in 365 days
  • A tutor and the learner’s parent/guardian(s) have not communicated using Messaging in 365 days
  • A tutor has not given any feedback or assessments to the the learner in 365 days

If all of these are true, then the learner account will be deleted.

When deleting Dojo Tutoring learner information, the learner’s username and password (if they previously had one), device tokens or any other device specific information, location information (note that we do not collect precise geolocation information from learners), IP address, and any other personal information (subject to the exceptions below)** provided to Dojo Tutoring will be deleted. This includes the permissions granted throughmobile application permissions.

Note to protect learners, Dojo Tutoring sets limits on how long the Zoom recordings of tutoring sessions are maintained.  These recordings are automatically deleted after 14 days (unless we’re doing a research study and have obtained explicit opt-in consent from users (or their parents) to retain longer). The Zoom video recordings are stored on Zoom’s hosting provider’s servers. To learn more, read the Zoom Retention Policy.

Please keep in mind that the deletion by our service providers may not be immediate and that the deleted information may persist in backup copies for a reasonable period of time. We may retain de-identified information for as long as we deem appropriate. 


** The information we retain after learner information is deleted includes:

  • dates of your child’s tutoring sessions


We keep this information so that Tutors can access their lesson history. Only the Tutor can see this information once your information is deleted.

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