What Learner Information Can be Viewed by Other Logged in Dojo Tutoring Users?

Keeping children’s information private is a top priority for us! No child’s login dashboard, tutoring assessment, or personal information is made available or visible to the general public through Dojo Tutoring. See what is visible to Tutors and parents who are connected to a Learner below. 

Learner Users

Learners are users who use the Dojo Tutoring service not at the specific direction of a school — through their parents use the Service directly. Any data collected from learners would not be considered student data.  Please see  here for more information. 

What Can Parents View?

  • Personal Learner name
  • Learner Tutoring Session Time and Date 
  • Learner Assessments 
  • Tutor Names 

What Can Tutors View?

  • Learner names
  • Parent/Guardian Names
  • Learner preferred schedule
  • Learner subject lesson choice
  • Any activity that takes place on a live Tutoring Session (e.g. viewing the learner and any actions that the learner may take during the session (chat, background activity, etc.)
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