What consent must parents give for their child to use Dojo Tutoring?

Parent permission is an integral part of using Dojo Tutoring. When you visit Dojo Tutoring and give parental consent, you are granting permission for the following:

Consent to use Dojo Tutoring if your child is under 13:

Before allowing your child access to Dojo Tutoring (including to join a tutoring session), or otherwise setting up your child’s account on Dojo Tutoring, you must consent on behalf of your child. Your child's tutor may wish for your child to join their live online tutoring session.  Dojo Tutoring currently uses the Zoom ISV Programto host its tutoring sessions. The tutoring sessions (including transcripts and Zoom chat logs) are recorded from bothlearners (your child) and tutors to ensure the safety and quality of tutoring on the Services. These recordings are automatically deleted after 14 days and are reviewed by Dojo Tutoring’s safety and quality teams as needed. To learn more, read theZoom Retention Policy. Dojo Tutoring also has Privacy and Safety settings set on Zoom, including:

  • Passcode-protected tutoring session:  We require a passcode when tutor’s are scheduling new meetings (all meetings need to be accessed with passcodes). Passcodes are created and shared with learner’s parents via email so only those intended to join can access a virtual tutoring session. This passcode is embedded in the invite link for one-click join to Zoom. Users trying to join in from the Zoom link from anywhere else are required to enter the randomly generated password which was sent to the parents email address.
  • Require Registration:  User registration is required: we automatically pass the learner’s information through our API integration that inputs the learner's name and parents email registered in Dojo Tutoring in the Zoom meeting when accessing the Zoom meeting through our platform. If an external user tries to use the Zoom link to access, they aren’t allowed access. We will see the email address of everyone who signed up to join a tutoring session.  
  • Require passcode for dial-in: If a participant is joining via phone, they must have a passcode. 
  • Disabled join before host: Learners cannot join the tutoring session before the tutor joins and will see a pop-up that says, “The meeting is waiting for the host to join.“
  • Use a random meeting ID: Random meeting ID is generated for each tutoring session, so it can’t be shared multiple times. A Tutor enters the class as the host - the start of their url includes a ZAK token.
  • Automatic deletion: The meetings are recorded automatically to Zoom’s servers. These records are then deleted 14 days after the Tutoring session. Tutoring session participants can't save chat sessions and learners can only chat with the tutor in that session.  However, the chats are captured in the Zoom recordings that Dojo Tutoring has access to for 14 days (for safety and security purposes).

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) protects the online privacy of children under the age of 13 and requires Dojo Tutoring to obtain parental consent or notice (as appropriate) prior (with limited exceptions) to the collection, use, and disclosure of that child's personal information. Due to the requirements of COPPA, Dojo Tutoring requires parents (if they are setting up their child’s learner account on Dojo Tutoring or otherwise allowing their child access to Dojo Tutoring (including to attend a live tutoring session) to give consent before the child can then access the Dojo Tutoring Services, attend any live tutoring session, or otherwise use Dojo Tutoring (including to upload any content). Once you set up your parent Dojo Tutoring account, your child will then log in through your credentials to utilize the Services (including to attend a live tutoring session) and will not have a traditional username and password login. 

How does a Parent Consent? 

In order for your child to access Dojo Tutoring (or otherwise set up your child’s Tutoring session), you must first have a parent account on Dojo Tutoring through our Dojo Tutoring website. You will not be able to join tutoring sessions for your child (and your parent account will have limited functionality) until we receive your consent.

When you visit Dojo Tutoring to set up your parent account, you will be prompted to give your consent at this time (before you can schedule a tutoring session for your child), shown below.  When you give consent, you are giving your consent for your child to use Dojo Tutoring, including to attend live tutoring sessions you set up, access Dojo Tutoring through your Dojo Tutoring account (or to otherwise access Dojo Tutoring), including for Dojo Tutoring’s collection, use, and disclosure of your child's personal information as set forth in the disclosure shown to you in the Dojo Tutoring mobile application or on the Dojo Tutoring website at the time you set up your account.

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