For parents: What consent must parents give for their child to use ClassDojo?

Parent permission is an integral part of using ClassDojo. When you visit ClassDojo and give parental consent, you are granting permission for the following:


Consent to use ClassDojo if your child is under 13:

Your child's teacher may wish for your child to use ClassDojo student accounts, including to use a feature of ClassDojo called Student Stories that allows students post photos and videos of their classwork directly to ClassDojo, and may set up your child’s student account on their behalf in order to allow them to access their student account in school (or may give your child a unique code to set-up their own student account). Additionally, you may set up your child’s student account on ClassDojo. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) protects the online privacy of children under the age of 13 and requires ClassDojo to obtain parental consent or notice (as appropriate) prior (with limited exceptions) to the collection, use, and disclosure of that child's personal information. Due to the requirements of COPPA, ClassDojo requires parents (if they are setting up their child’s student account on ClassDojo) to give consent before the child can then login to their student account and further access and use ClassDojo (including to upload any content). If you (or your child’s teacher) sets up your child’s student account, your child will then log in through a QR code and will not have a traditional username and password login. In order to set up your child’s account, you must first have a parent account on ClassDojo. To first set up a parent account on ClassDojo, you will need the unique parent code provided by your child’s teacher. This code is currently provided in one of three ways: (1) your child’s teacher uploads your email to ClassDojo and we generate an email out to you with a link containing your embedded unique parent code; (2) your child’s teacher sends an SMS to your phone number with a link containing your embedded unique parent code; (3) your child’s teacher sends home with your child, your unique parent code and asks you to enter your email and this code on our website to set up your parent account.

If your child sets up their own account in the classroom (after receiving the unique code from their teacher), they will set up their account with a username (we advise students not to use their real name), password, and the unique code they have been given by their teacher. Consistent with the requirements of COPPA, we also ask for the child’s age, and if they are under 13, we will ask them for a parent or guardian email address so that we can seek parental consent. We will not use parent emails provided this way to market our Service to you, unless you have opted in to email marketing or have separately created an account on our Service. Students will have limited functionality within their student account until we receive your consent.

**Note, however, that your child's school or teacher may have elected to obtain your consent or consented on your behalf directly, commonly referred to as "school consent." Under this type of consent, your child’s teacher may have created the student account on behalf of your child and your child will be able to access their student account in school. For more information on "school consent" under COPPA, please see the FTC's FAQ Section M regarding this. Please contact your child's teacher if you have any additional questions. Please note that, in addition to the parent providing consent to ClassDojo (or the school utilizing “school consent”), we require your child’s teacher to represent to us that they have reviewed any content uploaded by a student while using their student account prior to the content being viewable by you on their Student Story. Any student account created by a teacher, parent, or student will all link to one student account (they will not be separate accounts).

When you visit ClassDojo to set up your child’s account and give consent, you are giving your consent for your child to use a ClassDojo student account, including for ClassDojo's collection, use, and disclosure of your child's personal information as set forth in the notice either sent to you through email (if your child is setting up their own account) or shown to you in the ClassDojo mobile application or on the ClassDojo website at the time you set up your child’s account. ClassDojo currently obtains verifiable parental consent through what is commonly referred to under COPPA as "email plus" consent (see FAQ H.4). You will receive a second email from ClassDojo after you have given your consent.

Resources for parents: 

  • Answers to many top questions about privacy and security appear on the ClassDojo Privacy Center
  • The Privacy Policy describes how ClassDojo products and services collect and use information. As stated in this policy, ClassDojo does not use any student personal information (or any information associated with a student account) to serve behaviorally-targeted advertising to students and student’s personal information is never sold to anyone, including marketers and advertisers.


For more information about COPPA and generally protecting children's online privacy, please visit OnGuard Online.

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