New Student Accounts: What's New and FAQs

What's new?

QR code login - Students now have a QR code to register and login

Easier access Student Story - In-account addition methods for student story.  The old QR code scan method to enter a post is now gone.  Students can add to their story at any time from inside their account.  No worries!  Teachers will still need to approve any post made before it goes live.

Parent accounts allow student access - Parent accounts will now have a QR code for their student to use to view their account.  This QR code can either be displayed on the screen and scanned by another device, or the parent can use a toggle to jump into the student account.

Permissions - While accounts using a student code will still need a manual parent verification, newer QR code created and accessed accounts are approved prior to opening them.  You'll notice that below the QR code there's a disclaimer noting that parents know of, and approve of, the account.  A permission slip is available to send home, if parents haven't already approved through a school media permission slip. 



What will happen to my current student accounts?

All existing accounts will remain in our system.  Students can still login with their username and password as they always have.  All data in the account will remain.  The only difference is that they'll see our new student account features available.  

How will students using QR codes login at home? 

Before, students used a username and password to login.  With QR codes, students will scan the code on their parent's account OR their parent will use a toggle feature to log them in from inside the parent account.  If a student has a username and password, they can opt to use the QR code, or enter their login username and password to enter their account.  

Can students set up their accounts on the website?

No, not with a QR code at this time.  Students will need to use a mobile device to use the QR code login/set up.  However, student web is still live, so those with account usernames and passwords can still use it to view their accounts.  Additionally, if you opt to use Student Codes, students can still use the website to register. 

My school doesn't have access to devices with cameras, what can I do to help my students set up accounts?

If students aren't able to scan their codes at school students can: a) enter their account from a parent account, b) you can provide them with an alternative student code for manual account set-up.  Please note option b requires parent permission prior to the student's account going live. You can find more info on parent permission here

With "Student Mode" gone, how can students add to their Student Story?

We've made it easier to add to Student Story.  Students can log into their accounts to add a post at any time.  Web and app are both equipped to allow student video and photos.

Can I Still Access and Use Student Codes? 

Yes, you can still find Student Codes from the app.  We'll be adding this to the web soon.  


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