Setting Up ClassDojo Schoolwide: A Step-by-Step Guide



We are so excited that you are interested in going school-wide! Here is a list of steps to get your whole school community connected through your ClassDojo! 

1. Register as a School Leader 

If you haven’t already, now’s a great time to register for a School Leader account.  You can do this from the web or app. You can view our tutorial on how to create a School Leader account here and learn more about school leader capabilities here.

2. Join Your School

Joining a school listing allows you to create an online school community where all your teachers can find and connect at the same place.  This opens up the possibility for great collaboration within your school through features like School Directory and School Story.  You can either join an existing school listing or create a new one if needed.

3. Get Verified 

A School Leader, Mentor, or staff member in the Admin role already connected to your school can verify your account. If there isn't anyone in one of those roles at your school, our ClassDojo Success Team can get you verified.  Just email us at for assistance getting verified. Be sure to include a copy of your official school ID card or a link to your school's website staff directory, where we'll find you listed as a school leader.  

Getting verified confirms you as a member of your school and opens up school-wide features such as School Directory and School Story.

4. Follow the Schoolwide Set-Up Guide

Update your School's Directory with this easy-to-follow plan: ClassDojo School 3-Step Set-up Guide.

  • Upload or Update your Student Roster

You can easily upload your roster from a Word document or a .CSV spreadsheet into your School Directory! Teachers will later use your roster to import students into their classes. This allows parents to connect once for all classes instead of needing a unique code for each class their child is in. 

Option #1: If your school is new to ClassDojo or you see that you do not have any students in your School's Directory, you can upload your school roster from a Word document or a .CSV spreadsheet. If you already know the parents' email addresses, you can upload them simultaneously. Note that an email will be sent to parents notifying them that they have been invited to your school but they will not see their child's class information in their account until the student is added to a new class.

  • Invite new teachers to create their accounts    

Option #1: As a school leader, you can create all the classes for the new school year and add the students to each class. However, this will make you the owner of every class. You can remain the class owner and add teachers to the classes as co-teachers, however your name will be the teacher name associated with every class instead of the teacher teaching the class. If you want to transfer ownership of a class to the teacher leading the class, you can do so by adding them as a co-teacher first and then making them the owner of the class, which then makes you a co-teacher in the class.

Option #2: Have teachers create their classes and add their students. After adding students they can print parent invites or invite parents to connect to the class via email.

*Note that once a parent is connected to their child's profile in the Directory, they do not need to connect again! When their child is added to a new a class, the connected parent will automatically become connected to the new class!


5. Welcome Parents to Your School Community! 

You can now post to School Story with a welcome note, or just take a look at the feature to get to know it a bit better. When you post to the School Story, all parents connected to active classes and all teachers connected to your school will get a notification to view immediately! School Story posts appear within the parents' story feed with Class Story and Student Portfolio posts. School Leaders have the ability to moderate School Story posts.





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