What is Toolkit?

Toolkit is our latest offering to help teachers make classroom management easier!  Toolkit offers a variety of features all in one, including the following: 

Group Maker

Randomly generate student groups of any size, all with one tap. You can also create sets of students who you don’t want to be grouped together. Group Maker will be your new best friend!


Set the tone in your classroom with the perfect tunes for any activity. Play music that helps students focus or make free time a little more fun.

Noise Meter

Show students when they’re being too rowdy, or not rowdy enough! Like all tools, the Noise Meter will display on your projector or smartboard.


Keep your class focused and aware of the time remaining for any activity. Need more time? Add 10 seconds or more with just a single tap.


Display daily announcements, a welcome message, or morning work to start the day on the right foot!


Time to toss those old popsicle sticks! Select students at random with just a tap.


Provide a clear, visual reminder of what you want your students to do with this tool! No more repeating yourself multiple times. Your directions can be saved for later, too!

Think Pair-Share

Create a question for students to reflect and discuss in pairs. Partner activities and critical thinking have never been easier.


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