Adding ClassDojo Stickers to Your Phone

Now you can send Mojo stickers in your texts & iMessages! Your Apple device will need to have iOS 10 or higher.

Here are the steps to add these fun Mojo stickers to your phone:

  1. Download the ClassDojo App from the iOS App Store
  2. Open your "Messages" app (where your texts & iMessages go)
  3. Open any chat message
  4. Tap the App Store icon to add an image - it looks like three rulers in the shape of a capital letter A
  5. Tap on the icon on the bottom left corner that looks like 4 circles
  6. Tap the "+" to open the Store                                                               IMG_7934.png
  7. Tap "Manage" at the top right 
  8. Then you can turn on ClassDojo Stickers!                                                    ClassDojo_stickers_1.png
  9. Tap "Done" once you are finished!
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